C&B Sports Outdoors

We are a family-owned business that prides itself on customer care. We have a store that offers all of your fishing needs, located right out of a little town called Ridgeway, South Carolina.

Scott Chaney President/CEO
Scott has been in the fishing business nearly his whole life. For years he ran a wholesale store with his brother and sister. In 2014 he ventured out on his own and opened up a retail store, that is now known as C&B Sports Outdoors.

Sonya Chaney Vice President
Sonya is the wife of Scott Chaney. She does a little bit of everything! She runs our storefront, keeps it stocked and looking great and she also does all of our bookkeeping.

Scott (Scottie) Boatwright Assistant Manager/Head of Sales
Scottie is the son of Scott and Sonya Chaney. He's been with C&B since 2016. He helps with in-store sales.

Sarah Boatwright Assistant Manager/Tech
Sarah is the wife of Scott Boatwright. She's been with C&B since 2015. She runs all of our online stores.
Nolan and Asher Boatwright The Real Boss
Nolan and Asher are the sons of Scott and Sarah Boatwright. They both have been "working" at C&B since they were 3 weeks old!